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When wildfires are dancing across our forests
And the waters depleting beyond human vision
When the clouds are vanishing by the second
And extinction is writ on the skyline
That’s when we know that climate emergency is staring us at our face. Now. Now. Now.
We are challenging statequo
And working to change the story
We are decolorising our technicolor dreams
And visualizing alternative futures.
We are calling futurists from across the world
To connect our individual minds
To engage in dialogue, in creativity, in inquisitiveness.

We are reminding people of their relationship with nature
We are urging people to own up and take responsibility
For our personal lives and everyone’s future.
Our goal is to make sustainable adoptions
Desirable, suitable and accessible.
By introducing creative products and solutions
that are brainstormed, explored and thought out.
To ensure sustainable livelihoods and a happier rural landscape.
We look at life a little differently – at its culture, or behavior – and offering thoughtful,
provocative alternatives. We empower everyone, every one, to live a little more responsibly every day.