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Decarbonising Fishing


Net to Harbour and Harbour to plate project in collaboration with CIFT (Last Mile Cold Chain)
Decarbonising Fishing

Headquartered in Cochin, India, we are hyper aware of the impact the fishing industry has on waters around us. Approximately 0.59 to 2.4 tons of CO2 is emitted per ton of fish catch, and another one ton of CO2 per ton by various distribution channels, making the fishing industry one of the largest consumers of petroleum-based fuel and emitter of greenhouse gases. In addition, over 20% of the catch is lost due to lack of efficient cold chain facilities.

With the aim of decarbonizing the fishing industry by introducing clean and sustainable technologies through collaborative research, yeSeN has signed an MoU with ICAR-CIFT (Central Institute of Fisheries Technology). We will together develop hybrid propulsion systems for fishing vessels, and sustainable cold chain solutions for distribution.

The launch of ‘Net to Harbour’ ‘Harbor to Plate’ is imminent. The project will make the catching, transportation, storage and distribution of fish more efficient, sustainable and traceable. The project will benefit everyone as it results in cost savings, better quality of fish and lower environmental impact through the use of green technologies. We also plan to use the same technologies for distribution of other food categories such as milk, fruits, vegetables and meat.

Last Mile Cold Chain
This IoT integrated solution provides real-time visibility of the last mile delivery systems, ensuring complete traceability and transparency during the each step of the journey of the product, be it fish, meat, dairy or vegetables. Customers can now track the journey and are thus reassured of the source and quality of the product they are buying.

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