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Hibiscus Villa


World's First Net Zero Home Stay
Hibiscus Villa, Allepey
At Yesen, we love challenges as they spur us to think out of the box and develop pioneering green technologies. One such challenge was brought to us by Mr. Thomas Dominic who wanted a green solution for his beautiful home stay located on the scenic banks of Vembanad lake.

The location was remote and the power supply was erratic with frequent power outages and low voltages. The hospitality industry requires reliable power 24x7. The use of polluting diesel generators is the norm and we wanted to change that.

We undertook a detailed survey of the site and identified the following challenges.
  -High energy consumption required for 4.5 Tons of Air-conditioning and Swimming Pool Filtration pump.
  - High energy consumption during night which required efficient energy storage.
  - Financial Viability.
  - Space Constraints.
  - Cloudy Weather, long rainy days and high ambient temperature

Energy Efficiency
We conducted a detailed Energy Audit and replaced all the inefficient devices and incorporated energy management measures. We were thus able to reduce the existing energy consumption considerably which, in turn, helped reduce the array capacity resulting in cost saving and enabled a solution for working within a small space.

Storage System
In order to ensure uninterrupted heavy load requirements, especially during the night, we designed a specialized intelligent battery bank of Trojan Deep Cycle batteries specifically engineered to have enough power to support the entire requirements of the Villa and operate under challenging conditions such as fluctuating or extreme temperatures and the intermittent nature of solar

Meeting Challenges
Other remedies included shielding the bedroom walls from direct sunlight to eliminate heat gain and thus reducing the power consumption by ACs.

Use of a-Si Thin Film modules ensured generation during the cloudiest days of the year. Outback Inverters handled all the surge loads with high efficiency & reliability.

Project Outcome
The successful implementation of our uniquely engineered state-of-the-art solar system with energy storage ensured that all the electrical systems and appliances were powered and functioned uninterrupted.
The Villa was totally isolated from the grid and made immune to both grid failures and poor quality of the grid. Hibiscus Villa thus became India’s First Net Zero Home Stay.

Major System Components
We incorporated passive and active measures to make the project the most energy efficient property.

Major System Components
  6 kW Thin Film Solar Modules
  3 kVA x 2 Nos. Outback Inverters
  4 kW x 2 Nos. MPPT Charge Controllers
  48 V, 1196 Ah – Battery Bank
  Communication Device
  Mounting Structure

Project Achievements
  The most energy efficient Net Zero Home Stay
  The lowest possible connected load per sqft basis
  100% reliable Autonomous Solar PV System
  Assured Energy Security
  Zero Reliance on Conventional Fuel - No Grid, No Diesel Generator - no noise, no pollution
  Reduction of Carbon footprint by 3.456 Tons p.a.
  Commercially viable project - return on investment in 5 years
  Zero Down time since 2010
  Inspiration to the Hospitality Sector to follow and replicate

Devices Powered By the System
  (3) 1.5 Ton, 18,000 BTU air conditioners
  (2) Microwave ovens
  250 litre refrigerator
  400 litre refrigerator
  (45) LED lights
  Swimming pool pump 1/2 Hp
  Zero chlorine sanitation system
  Water pump
  Water filtration system
  Hair dryers
  Pressure pump