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Introduced Advanced CIGS Solar Technologies


Introduced Advanced CIGS
Solar Technologies

Gone are the days when solar panel design didn’t blend with a building’s architecture. For Mr. Benny Mundanpalam’s residence in Kochi we installed the world’s most advanced and sleek solar modules. The use of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) modules delivered the industry's highest yield at >4.5 units/kW/day and their aesthetic design created a unique visual identity for the building.

With its sensitivity to low light conditions and a very low temperature co-efficient, CIGS is the ideal solar technology for tropical climates.

• System Capacity: 5 kWp Grid Tie System
• Solar Module Make: CIGS-Stion, USA
• Inverter Make: SMA, Germany
• Production: 4.4 kWh/kWp
• Installed on 7/07/20