Phocos Launches New FR-B Series Refrigerator / Freezers with BOOST Feature

Phocos is proud to announce our new, efficient FR-B Series chest refrigerator / freezer with BOOST feature. Available to order today.

VSUN launches 450W+ modules, accelerating the development of our overall efficiency

VSUN launches 450W+ modules, accelerating the development of our overall efficiency.

Disruptive technology spurs Sustainable Energy

Vsun Corporation of North America assesses how senior technology decision makers view Sustainable Energy, the technologies driving it forward, and the impact it will have on industries such as energy & utilities and building & construction. Vsun is deeply engaged in these technologies


National Fisheries Development Board empanels Yesen Sustain.

India’s National Fisheries Development Board has empanelled Yesen Sustain Pvt Ltd under the Pradhan Manthri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY).

Seen as a boost for the fisheries industry, Yesen Sustain will soon be rolling out its long awaited cold chain solutions like the Fish Display Chillers, powered entirely by solar energy; and also the Mobile Fish Dispensing Units, mounted on an E-Riskshaw platform.

Designed to meet the requirements of the marginalized fish vendors, these innovative products will contribute to sustainable development and economic upliftment of the fishing community.

The Fish Display Chiller by Yesen Sustain is a self- reliant unit powered entirely by Solar with its own energy storage. The unit also comes with advanced Telematics and remote monitoring to ensure Cold Chain Traceability. The unit can store up to 150 kg of seafood and comes with adjustable cabin temperature.

The Mobile Fish Dispensing Unit will be mounted on an L3 or L5 E-Rickshaw Platform and outfitted with a 240ltrs and a 300 ltrs Capacity Freezer unit, capable of maintaining the temperature of the product between -5 to 10°C (user adjustable). It will be equipped with a Fish Peeling machine and a Bio Waste treatment unit.

A boon to fish vendors across the world, these innovative solutions will enable them to increase their revenue and profitability and at the same time ensure health of end-user.

Honorable Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurates the 520 kilometre National Waterway across Kerala, on a Yesen Sustain powered boat.