Reliable energy when you need it most

P-Secure, by Yesen Sustain is the most comprehensive solution for Hybrid System Applications.

The biggest advantage of P-Secure is that it guarantees high uptime through smart management. A comprehensive solution for hybrid system applications, P-Secure also ensures high visibility to equipment and site operations. It's not just a Power Solution, but a Smart Energy Manager.

P-Secure has been specifically designed for poor grid and off-grid applications. Capacities range from 5kW to 45 kW solutions.

P-Secure solutions are designed to give high uptime and comes with a 3 year warranty, a first in the industry.

• Smart Managements
• High system Efficiency >97%
• High Level Surge Protection
• High Level Surge Protection
• Modular Architecture
• Smart Energy Manager
• Peak Shavings and Energy Source Management
• Single and Three Phase Compatibility
• Capacities range from 5kW to 45 kW
• 3-year Warranty