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Payyanur College


Payyanur College,

The first college to go solar under Calicut University

Payyanur College, affiliated to Kannur University, is one of the most sought after post graduate institutions in Kerala. To demonstrate the need for environment-friendly energy resources and also to inspire its students, the College decided to install solar energy systems to meet its power needs.

21.6 kW Grid-tie SPV system
Date of Installation:
March 2013

While designing a solution for Payyanur College, we took into account that the college only requires power in the day time. Thus a battery-less PV system would suffice. We then recommended a 21.6 Kw Grid Tie System for powering the needs of Payyannur College.

System Components
  • 21.6kW Getwatt a-Si thin film solar module to provide 15% higher yield than Crystalline. The panels were installed over the roof of the building.
  • 21 kVA SMA PV string inverter, Sunny Mini Central 7000HV (SMC) of 7.5 kW nominal capacity, allowing more PV array with more PV modules in series to reduce DC cabling size. The Inverter has the best maximum power-point-tracking (MPPT) efficiency.
  • Sunny Webox, a powerful communication tool for monitoring PV energy contribution.

Project Yield
  • Through efficient system design and engineering, the total power consumption from the Grid was reduced by more than 90%.
  • Reduction of electricity bill from Rs.40,000/- month to Rs.1,500/-month.
  • During its lifetime of 25 years, the System will produce around 70000 kWhr of energy and save 26 tons of CO2/year from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Payyannur College became the First College under Kannur University to have installed Solar PV System.