Yesen Sustain identified Vsun Solar Panels as the best in the industry for delivering decades of trouble-free operation and constant high performance. Vsun has been a pioneer of photovoltaic technology since the 1970s and its new HIT technology maintains higher efficiency and delivers higher output even at high temperatures with the lowest temperature coefficient.


Reliable power supply is critical for business needs, especially factories. In Indian cities and villages, power supply can be erratic and diesel generators for backup power come with hefty fuel costs and can be expensive to maintain, besides being highly polluting.
Our Commercial Grid-Connected PV systems are a green alternative with a capacity of more than 10kWp. They can be easily located on the roofs of factories, commercial businesses, office blocks, shopping centres or retail shops and the power generated can be consumed by loads within the buildings.


In a bid to limit pollution of waterways, we were the first company to design and commission Solar Powered Boats for commercial applications. In 2008, this led to the development of Surya, Asia’s largest solar boat for which it finds a mention in the Limca Book of Records. Surya also won Team Sustain the prestigious International Boating Award (IBA) for Responsible Tourism in the year 2009.